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It was ‘Manipulation’ that Caused the Drop In Silver Prices says Sprott


{lang: ‘en-GB’}Famous silver bull Eric Sprott isn’t convinced it was weakening fundamentals that led to silver’s epic value decline final month. Rather, Sprott is a believer within the conspiracy principle that some major monetary establishments had been in cahoots with one another to control the price of silver and manipulate it lower. Sprott mentioned as [...]

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The Bank of England to Remain Passive on Inflation Over the Summer Season


{lang: ‘en-GB’}We have been non-consensus on the outlook for UK interest rates for a while and don’t suppose the Bank of England will hike until the fourth quarter of this year. This is due to three factors. The primary is that development signals, though volatile, have tended to point to a different disappointing quarter for [...]

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The Elevation Group UK - A hub for residents living in the UK

Having benefited from the invaluable lessons learned from The Elevation Group since it launched on October 20th 2010, it has become clear that the kind of information being disseminated was of great value.

With the official hub being centered in the US, I felt that creating a UK hub could be of some value.