Wealth Management in Times of Economic Crisis

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Whether or not you want to accept it, we are all subject to thievery via the hidden taxation system that we commonly refer to as Monetary Inflation. It’s time to wake up and take control of our financial future. It’s time to use the investment strategies that the super-rich have been using for centuries. Investment Strategies that will keep your financial assets as secure as possible in this dying economy. Please let me invite you to follow the journey that started with one man and is now a group of individuals tens of thousands strong, working together to share knowledge, opportunity and inspired vision of what your financial future CAN look like; a future that brings with it financial independence and security.

Mike Dillard Wealth Management in Times of Economic CrisisMike Dillard is shocked and disgusted at what the bankers and wall street sharks are up to and so he wants to make it his mission in life, to provide as many people as he can with real information about wealth management, investing and the economy, so that together, we can prosper in this time of great change.

Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard is 33 year old native of Austin Texas, went from waiting tables to Millionaire by the age of 26. Over the past five years he has founded two publishing companies, producing $15,000,000 in combined revenue, and over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs from 65 different countries have subscribed to his online newsletter. Four years ago, he walked away from everything in order to share the urgent message and mission of The Elevation Group.

Agreeing with Robert Kiyosaki’s outlook, Mike shares his own preparation and investment strategy.

This is incredibly valuable information, particularly in a climate where we are about to witness the global economy blow shock waves around the world.


prophecy robert kiyosaki rich dad stock market crash Wealth Management in Times of Economic Crisis

Understanding Market & Wealth Cycles

In 2002 Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter published the best-seller “Prophecy: Why The Biggest Stock Market Crash in History is Still Coming…and How You Can Prepare Yourself and Profit From It!“. Kiyokaki clarified how and why the vast majority of “Baby Boomers” will be on the verge of retirement and looking to cash in on their retirement plans. This was a major drain on cash reserves for which no-one is ready and there was every chance that peoples’ lifelong savings would dramatically lose their value.

Our Financial System Is Breaking Down

Now for the Good News!

Understanding this Financial crisis , Mike Dillard provides financial planning information aimed at helping forward-thinking people prepare for the worst. He covers a variety of information sources for generating wealth through other forms of investment, including real estate, self-employment and other investment opportunities that entail wealth management and generation.

Successful Wealth Management Relies on Quality Education.

Mike Dillard meets successful and frank specialists, with whom he shares valuable financial planning and preparatory strategies with group members and are not all focused on doom and gloom, quite the opposite actually- As you will soon find out, with great change comes great opportunity. The chapters are presented in written, audio and video formats and are useful for anyone looking to learn about exclusive and transformational financial systems. Weather you have hundreds or thousands of  pounds, the tactics outlined and discussed at length in this group give you the opportunity to take advantage of some of the secret black-box investing strategies that up until now have remained a well kept secret of the rich and powerful elite.

Here are just a few of the amazing wealth management strategies that you will learn about:

  • How to buy your home like the rich do…
  • Why you’d have to be absolutely crazy to put your money in the stock Market right now…
  • How to find a private banker who will give you money at rates you’d never find through your local bank…
  • How to buy and sell businesses like the rich…
  • The easy way to buy cash-flow assets like apartment complexes, even if you don’t know much about real-estate…
  • How to obtain international passports and citizenships…
  • How the rich teach their kids about money, so you can teach yours…
  • How to protect yourself and your assets from lawsuits like the rich do…
  • How to find and invest in stocks that increase by 100 to 300% per year like the rich do…
  • How to invest in commercial real-estate…
  • How to buy foreign real-estate in developing nations like India, Brazil, and China…
  • How and where the rich put their money for retirement in order to avoid massive taxation…

Not only is all this fantastic information about wealth management and generation available in easy to digest formats, but Mike Dillard will even give you access to his own list of contacts!

Events telegraphing the explosive finale for the next wealth cycle are clear.The key is knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in a chaotic climate.

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With the official hub being centered in the US, I felt that creating a UK hub could be of some value.